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About Eco zen

Our Eco Friendly Ecozen product started manufacturing since 2004.
The plates are perfect alternate to plastics/polymer based products and also paper based products about which the entire world is concerned about. Areca plates have additional values after being used. Disposable plates can be good source of organic manure. They can be used as good fertilizer and enhances plant growth. The manufacturing process is very simple, fallen Areca leaf is collected from the farms, thoroughly cleaned and soaked in water for a particular time and compressed in hot press to different shapes using the correspondingly shaped dies. They are then packed as per the customer requirement. These plates can be used even after 18 months of storage. We believe in catering our customers with good quality products at very competitive prices. We manufacture quality Areca leaf plates of various sizes and can customize the size and shapes as per customer requirements also.


  • EPCH - Export Pramotional Hadicrafts Mebership
  • FIEO – Federation of Indian Export Organization
  • APEDA - Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority
  • KASIA - Karnataka Small Scale Industries Association
  • DGFT - Registedre to director genaral of foregin trades
  • SSI - Small scale industries Registration